Why should you choose marketing?

Interview with Mr. Kakhaber Djakeli, IBSU marketing program coordinator

Widespread stereotypes and thoughts remain to this day a staggering mechanism for young people cut down in the future.
In the midst of national exams, applicants are concerned about more questions than we can imagine. Widespread erroneous stereotypes and thoughts remain a staggering mechanism for young people who believe in the future.

Today we will talk with the coordinator of the bachelor’s and master’s programs in marketing at the business and technology faculty of the International black sea University, an academic doctor of Economics, a five-time DAAD research fellow, a Fulbright Professor, and a visiting associate Professor at Kennesaw State University, Yale University, and Leibniz Hanover University in Germany. He is the author of more than 100 research papers on marketing and Health Economics.

Today’s students and applicants are not fully informed about specific programs and methods of training. As a marketing program coordinator, why do you recommend choosing a marketing direction?

In General, choosing a profession is the most difficult choice. A person always chooses one path out of many possible options. Remember the famous drawing of three heroes looking at the road and thinking which one to choose. If it’s hard for heroes, what should we do to make the right choice?
There is such a method:

If you are a creative Person, you love and you have a talent in the art direction, but still you want to use this talent in business, then you should follow marketing. The art of marketing is not only a combination of rules and laws, but also a human arena for great intellectuals and high intelligence. Marketing will never be old. It is always updated.
Administration, the same management-requires strict internal order and punctuality. If you have a military order, if you look at the stopwatch during the execution of tasks and after your own actions, you are going to control the people around you and you succeed, then you will make a great Manager! Remember that you have a stopwatch in your hands and count the speed of your actions – of course, you are a Manager!

But if you are interested in investing, making money, banking and insurance operations, hedging quotes, stock exchanges, etc. – then you are a financier!
And if you are more interested in counting and measuring, then accounting is exactly for you.

I encourage all students to observe themselves, if they are interested in painting, novels, writing and theater, then they should go on the stage of marketing!
Personally, I’m always busy improvising. I drew, I studied Economics, but I was fascinated by poetry, I studied higher mathematics, but I tried to draw portraits, I graduated from the Economics Department of TSU, but then I got an art degree, then I studied business in Germany. I was surprised by a marketing Professor who was playing the piano on stage and performed Brahms while giving us a lecture! Surprised, I sat down in the hall and thought I had found my field. It was a long time ago-at one of the DAAD meetings at the University of Gottingen.
If the art, even in small doses in you, that you do not want to monitor employee attendance with a stopwatch. If art is in you, you always smile, because you will always feel your amazing superiority over people who don’t live by art.
“If you’re a Marketer, you’re an Artist,” said Seth Godin, a New York-based marketer! I will say the same.

How did you understand that marketing is your life? What internal forces and skills did you have that made you make this choice?

This is the soul, my soul, the soul is the main motivator. I went from practice to theory. When I was 22 years old, I worked at the Caucasus Stock Exchange, it was in 1991. I had my own brokerage firm. Then I was both a dealer and a broker. My friends and I have created a company called “Ori Kakha”.
It was a surprisingly well-known company. Many times in my office, as a Deposit, people left large-caliber weapons. I and my friend, the second Kakha, who is now a world-famous scientist (in the field of environmental protection), even thought of making a Weapons Storage in the office. This was joke definitely. In short, it was a difficult time. We made money fast. But we didn’t know how to invest the money. I mean the investment in slow cash businesses. We wanted to create our own business, but we didn’t have enough marketing knowledge. This was the first thing that made me decide to study this great profession thoroughly. It so happened that the Stock Exchange were closed. Our business was also launched, and I ended up in Germany. I studied health Economics and marketing, both together. While you’re young, you have a lot to learn. To enrich the soul, we must do a lot. My Professor was the world-famous Economist Graf Matthias von der Schulenburg. I was interested in many things. Accordingly, I worked in many directions.
I have done a lot in the healthcare economy of Georgia. This includes participating in health care reforms and doing a lot of theoretical or practical work in this area, but I’ve always been crazy about marketing, I didn’t want anyone to be better than me in this area! I felt that Georgia needed marketing. Only marketing could add the main quality to Georgian values.
Now what is the difference between Economics and marketing!!! Economics is more about knowing the laws that you can apply if you become the country’s Economy Minister! Marketing can be used even in small firms and giant companies.

I felt the advantage of marketing. I didn’t want to be an economist talking about ephemeral values and have mastered the knowledge and skills to work in marketing.
I taught marketing in Georgian, English and German. At the bachelor’s and master’s level, as well as doctoral studies. In the Pentagon training program in the United States, I taught practical marketing to American military personnel who started a business after military service.

I also worked in wine marketing. I created sales models. I’ve been uploading ideas to my investors. My desire for art helped me. Because I was writing-it wasn’t difficult for me to create content. I moved to health care marketing behind from health Economics – I think marketing is more important in all directions now than Economics. I think that in the end, marketing will consume the economy. Marketing in the field of health care, for me personally, “absorbed” the health care economy, which I once valued highly.
Imagine, when I looked at Economics from a marketing perspective, the economy disappeared and marketing remained. I realized that this is the main and starting point. Now even a substitute for the discipline of macroeconomics, called mega-marketing, has begun to develop.

Mega Marketing is an art that can turn town Poti into Singapore, and town Tskaltubo into Baden-Baden or Wiesbaden! You can never do this with the economy! The economy will fluctuate in detail. Marketing, everywhere is full of art!

My collegaues from whom I continue to study and to whom I have my scientific relations are excellent marketers, including Kevin Keller, whose book I translate, and Jagdish Seth, who came to America from India for $ 35, and in 2017, before my eyes, presented his award to an outstanding Emory University – $ 1 million.
I enjoyed teaching marketing in America in 2015 and 2017 along with well-known marketing practitioners, Professor Sheb TRUE, Professor Robert TUDOR, and others at Kennesaw State University in the Coles Business School.

I have no regrets about choosing marketing, so I can lead my country to the best in silence. All you need is a Muse, a pen, a piece of paper, optimism, and great students like you.

2. Existing Georgian stereotypes and various General ideas about the need to be a Humanitarian or a Technician still haunt children. What aspects do you relate to marketing? May this profession mean both, and not one of the “extremes”?

Marketing is an art. The arts also include technical and human Sciences. Marketing is more than just dividing the Humanities into technical fields.
God Save me to start dividing people this way. Who was Steve jobs? How would you answer that he is just a technician? How many technicians who can’t sell anything and end up just stuck in a routine. Steve jobs was an artist with technical and humanitarian skills, but he also had a special Muse! You must get this Muse.
Of course, you should know how to count and use ANOVA, SPSS, Excel, as well as other programs, but you need to develop analytical skills, at the same time you should be able to write a script.
Don’t simplify your work. Look for art in everything, just as Tom Sawyer was looking for it, bleaching the wall!

3. Unfortunately, in the modern era, this profession is valued not for the intensity of desire and the “blood sacrifice of the heart”, but for the prospects for future development… What future do you see in this profession?

Today, every person has an amazing rise in marketing. The scope of its application is expanding. New directions are emerging. For example, political marketing, which is very relevant around the world, or marketing in the health sector, which is also very popular.
Marketers in America are divided into generalists and performers of special directions.
Generalists are the creators of the strategy, they know everything, they know all the issues biting marketing. Such people receive several million dollars a year in fees.
There is a company called “prophet”. Imagine that there are people working there who are changing the world’s empiricism day by day. Large banks, insurance companies, and giant manufacturers are rebranding through “Prophet”. The company’s marketers are millionaires.

Special-purpose marketers are familiar with one of the subsections. For example, digital marketing, search engine marketing. They can work wonders in the marketplace.
They are irreplaceable people for promotions. Such marketers are also very popular, and their personal budget is growing.
Watch yourself, if you want to create concepts for companies, then you also need to study Finance and risk management, because marketing, management and Finance occupy an equal place in the concept.

And if you want to become a marketing specialist in a special field, then study marketing in vain, and one special area, for example, digital technologies. Then combine them and you will become a digital marketing genius!
Like this.

Even if you want to transform the country, marketing will help you and you will create a concept of Georgia that will make our country one of the most attractive parts of the earth.


Mariam Tvaradze
IBSU faculty of business and technology, bachelor’s program in marketing