Visited in Saint Antim Iverian Monastery in Bucharest

On 22th of October Professor Kakhaber Djakeli and his Doctorate Students visited Saint Antim Iverian Monastery in Bucharest and meet the Researcher of Saint Antim,s Life Father Mikhail Stanchev.

Professor Kakhaber Djakeli and the doctorate Students from IBSU visited Romanian – American Executive MBA for the 12th IBAB International Conference October 23rd, 2019 in Romania, Bucharest– “ New Skills for Managers in a Changing Digital World”

Doctorate Program Students at International Black Sea University and their Professor Kakhaber Djakeli, visited this very relevant Conference held in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, at Romanian –American Business Executive MBA School ASEBUSS. This Business School is oldest in Romania and its opened by the support of Kennesaw State University (USA). Conference is under patronage of Kennesaw Professor Mr. Sheb True who invites very talented Marketing Scientists to this international gathering. Professor Kakhaber Djakeli and the doctorate Students from IBSU: Rusudan Beriashvili, Ioseb Gabelaia, Lika Khmiadashvili, Ana khazaishvili and Lasha Chelidze had their scientific articles presented at Conference. According American and Romanian Professors Georgian PhD Students have good knowledge and very promising future. After conference Professor Djakeli and his doctorate Students visited Saint Antimoz Iverieli Monastery, which is one of cultural bridges between Georgia and Romania, emphasizing the oldest cultural and scientific exchanges between our nations.

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