Time is going fast, by team work you are going faster

We help organizations primarily through the analysis of existing their problems and development of plans, also to improve their performance and create and implement marketing strategies.

Our consultants are aware of business into different classes or sectors by a variety of industrial classifications and assist companies launch new products and enter new markets, increase market share, grow revenue. Also they lead campaigns, and work with both internal and external stakeholders.

We can be as a marketing consultant beside you if you are the firms (distributors, manufacturers, retailers…), individuals (celebrities, executives) or international companies.

We offer specific areas in marketing such as:
– Food and beverage marketing;
– Health marketing;
– Insurance marketing;
– Bank marketing;
– Sport marketing;
– Fashion marketing;
– Art marketing;
– Education marketing;
– Tourism marketing;
– Online marketing;
– International marketing(IM) or Global marketing;
– Political branding;
– Country branding, Nation branding;
– Integrated marketing communications (IMC);
– New product development (NPD);
– Market development;
– Marketing audit.

Types of marketing research:
– Advertising Research: Pre-testing, Campaign pre-testing, Post-testing;
– Brand name testing;
– Brand equity research;
– Coolhunting;
– Buyer decision making process research;
– Customer satisfaction research;
– Distribution channel audits;
– Mystery consumer or mystery shopping;
– Viral Marketing Research;
– Business to business market research;
– Marketing research in small businesses and nonprofit organizations;
– International Marketing Research plan.