Georgian-European Marketing Association is planning the online seminar about “to get Familiar with Caucasus market”. The seminar is expected to familiarize prospective managers and researchers who wish to explore business opportunities in the Caucasus markets. Caucasus is a region at the border of Europe and Asia, situated between the Black and the Caspian seas. The key aim of the seminar is to create opportunities for you to increase your information about one of the high speed developing and strategic market and it has many economically important minerals and energy resources.

Target participants:

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  • Managers, Professors, researchers, consultants, suppliers of goods, and providers of services who are interested in working with Caucasus market
  • The topics of the seminar:
  • Caucasus market environment
  • Competitive advantage
  • International competitors
  • Purchasing power
  • Consumption
  • Supply and demand for consumer goods
  • Distribution channels
  • Caucasus logistics
  • Entering Caucasus markets


The seminar topics will be covered by some of the high scholar professors and experts leading thinkers from Caucasus regions

Seminar Fee:

Individual participant =100$
Firms, institutions, organization participant = negotiable

Online seminar registration