New Doctoral Dissertation in Marketing at IBSU – “Brand Development Modeling of Georgian Qvevri Wine and Its Potential for EU market” as an important step in Heritage Wine Marketing

In October, 2020, my Doctoral Student, Ms. Rusudan Beriashvili, successfully defended her PhD Dissertation, about very actual and promising way of Traditional Georgian Winemaking and its Marketing.

Rusudan in her dissertation says “ Qvevri wine as a subject of scientific research, and in particular its marketing perspectives has been identified mostly for last decade, therefore Georgian scientific literature on this subject is scares, not to mention foreign sources. We visited seven the most advanced wine companies and asked questions to each our interviewee.  First we collected information about each of the wine companies involved in making Qvevri wine and tried to get preliminary information about what type of Qvevri wine they produce, how long they have been selling Qvevri wine and how many bottles of wine they produce every year. We identified the needs and necessities dictated by our respondents, the analysis of interviews gave us a holistic picture of Qvevri wine production and marketing, and helped us to develop our authentic Marketing Model for Georgian Qvevri wines presented below.”

Ms. Beriashvili made her best in scientific conferences where she represented her approaches in different aspects of Qvevri Wine Marketing. Research models and planning of initiatives in different areas of wine making made it very appropriate to establish special, comprehensive model for Qvevri wine marketing.

Doctoral Defense of Rusudan Beriashvili took Place at International Black Sea University. Her Scientific Opponents were Mrs. Charita Jashi, Associated Marketing professor from Tbilisi State University and American Professor Mr. Sheb True, from Kennesaw State University.

The Doctoral and Master Programs of Business Administration, Marketing, Management and Finance are famous not only in Caucasus, but in Eastern Europe. All these programs are English. The Professors and Supervisors of those Doctoral and Masters programs have long experience of teaching and scientific couching at different universities of USA, Europe and Asia. Some professors have honorable awards from Fulbright Foundation and DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service.

Ms. Rusudan Beriashvili excellently described the novelty and findings of her dissertation and she finally said:

“As wine lovers from different countries may not accept Qvevri Wine as a regular consumption product and only small quantities might be sold, we presume it is very important to provide correct, precise information for the Qvevri wine consumers who will be persuaded to buy it being aware of exceptional healthy qualities of the wine. This will boost the sales and will create loyal customers, increasing at the same time brand awareness because wine popularity mostly increases with the “Word of mouth”. On the other hand, the wine companies need to be aware about our results …”

Rusudan Beriashvili,s Modell of Qvevri Wine Sales is very unique and we believe it will be very helpful for producers and salesmen of Georgian Heritage Wine.

  Kakhaber Djakeli

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