Marketing Audit tour in Azerbaijan – Baku

Members of Georgian-European marketing Association, Professor Dr. Kakhaber Djakeli and Ayyub Qarabagli, with Pr. Dr. Rusudan Beriashvili, Mr. Seymur M. Guliyev and others  participated into Brand Audit Project in Baku, with the Marketing Consulting  Company – Stimul, guided by CEO, Mr. Namig Veysel. The Brand Audit Process in 17 and 18 December of 2022, was comprehensive, containing many different goals and tasks.

The Process of Brand Audit what is the evaluation of the Brand development on the market of Azerbaijan, started by the professional approaches having the goal to know the strategic basics of the brand, continued with audit of the digital communications and the task, what customers feel, think and act due to the marketing activities from the current audited company.

The international and well experienced team plans to continue this process also in 2023.