In 2020, December wonderful Doctoral Dissertation was defended at IBSU. The Name of PhD thesis was – “The Effectiveness of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Student Enrollment Marketing Management for Georgian Universities”. The idea of the dissertation was shaped to develop the relevance of verbal and nonverbal communication patterns inContinue Reading

In October, 2020, my Doctoral Student, Ms. Rusudan Beriashvili, successfully defended her PhD Dissertation, about very actual and promising way of Traditional Georgian Winemaking and its Marketing. Rusudan in her dissertation says “ Qvevri wine as a subject of scientific research, and in particular its marketing perspectives has been identifiedContinue Reading

Interview with Mr. Kakhaber Djakeli, IBSU marketing program coordinator Widespread stereotypes and thoughts remain to this day a staggering mechanism for young people cut down in the future. In the midst of national exams, applicants are concerned about more questions than we can imagine. Widespread erroneous stereotypes and thoughts remainContinue Reading

Интервью с г-ном Кахабером Джакели, координатором маркетинговой программы IBSU Широко распространенные стереотипы и мысли остаются по сей день ошеломляющим механизмом для молодых людей, урезанных в будущем.В разгар национальных экзаменов, абитуриентов беспокоит больше вопросов, чем мы можем представить. Широко распространенные ошибочные стереотипы и мысли остаются ошеломляющим механизмом для молодых людей, которыеContinue Reading

Mr. Kakhaber Djakeli, together with his colleagues and shareholder from March 2020 established Georgian speaking Marketing Online Journal – MARKETING HOUSE, (MARKETINGIS SAKLI, მარკეტინგის სახლი). The work on Marketing House was started under the domain . Soon the Marketing House promoted innovative ideas and modern thoughts for Georgian youthContinue Reading