Welcome to the online marketing courses of Georgian-European Marketing Association. This unique Georgian online training is found to support self-motivated learners who want to improve their skills theoretically and practically. Online training is, easy, and reliable access to cutting edge knowledge and practice. We offer flexible corporate training package that match your business objectives.

It is easy access for learners from home, Internet cafes and it doesn’t need for travel to on-site training locations. Participants can take courses while on the job with flexible learning time.

The online marketing courses will be affordable, innovative, and practitioner-focused by high quality structure.

The program contains:

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  • view a live lectures and tools,
  • take a assignment based on the lecture materials,
  • read a case description of a company,
  • discuss about the course with professional and knowledgeable lecturers at a same time.


Course aims

Focusing on widening develops job-specific skills such as carrying out marketing audits using SWOT, PESTEL and Five Forces analyses, planning the marketing mix, preparing marketing campaigns, organizing events:
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  • Increasing effectiveness in meetings
  • communicative skills
  • Presenting your company and product in a more professional way


Training language:


Training duration:

15 hours , 3 days in a week – Friday, Saturday ,Sunday

Training Price:

99 Gel

Training will be delivered by:

Fulbright Scholar Professor Dr. Kakhaber Jakeli
Mr.Yousef Mahdi

Place of training

by Skype

Training participants will receive Certificates according their obtained skills


2383069, 577 544 007 (you can send your questions on this number by SMS)

[message_box title=”MESSAGE TITLE” color=”blue”]Participants must fill out an application form, which can be found on the website: www.gemamarketing.com after that, You will receive a registration certificate by info@gemamarketing.com[/message_box]

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