2nd Students Olympiad for Copywriting Marketing (SOCM) was held at Cracow University of Economics

On 20th of October, at Cracow University of Economics, Georgian students participated in the Students Olympiad for Copywriting Marketing, organized by host Professors: Monika Sady and Agnieszka Zak, their students and Georgian delegation from International Black Sea University. The idea of SOCM belongs to Georgian Professor Kakhaber Djakeli who firstly established this game at Yale University where he was Fulbright Scholar and after that he implemented this marketing game at International Black Sea University.

As Mr. Kakhaber Djakeli says – “The idea of this game I created at Yale, but the challenge to turn it into  the Students Olympiad for Copywriting marketing comes from my classes of copywriting at International Black Sea University, where I had started these classes for bachelor level of education many years ago. In that time, haven been working as a CEO of a big Advertisement company, I have gathered books and established the syllabus full of real competition among student teams. Already 6 years the competition became a Brand at IBSU. Students showing all their passion and energy, compete as entrepreneurs and marketers in real a market for a real customer and long lasting success. The visit of Professor Monika Sady and her students from Cracow University of Economics (Poland), participating in our game – Copywriting for AD Competition, encouraged me to globalize this game over the universities and their students around the world. Having seen the happy faces of my Georgian and Polish Students, participating in the competition, I decided with Professor Monika Sady,  to make it regularly as an Students Olympiad”.

In the Students Olympiad for Copywriting Competition 4 teams participated:

  1. Wild Pirogues
  2. Obwarjanki
  3. Krakowiaki
  4. Golabki

The fierce competition took place among teams.  According task they represented Storytelling for leading Polish Companies and one famous global corporation.  The Georgian team – GOLABKI, from International Black Sea University competed well against host student teams.

Finally two teams gathered the same degrees and International Jury Board consisted by Polish Professor Monika Sady and Georgian Professor – Kakhaber Djakeli announced two teams as a winners of the 2nd Students Olympiad for Copywriting Marketing. These teams were:

  • Wild Pirogues
  • Golabki

The game will be continued in future and the Board of SOCM is planning next  Olympiad in October, when  Polish Students with their Professor Agnieszka Zak  visits International Black Sea University in October 2019.

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